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Knowmad Ventures - Quem somos - Manifesto e Equipa - Manifest and Team
Knowmad Ventures - Quem somos - Manifesto e Equipa - Manifest and Team


As a collective, along with your People and Organization, we transform Knowledge and Experience into Solutions and Results whereby we improve the lives of all the internal and external stakeholders of the organization.


These are the three dimensions of our Manifesto:


We work your process of Self – Awareness,Transformation and Action from an internal and external perspective (720º), through:

  • Identifying your Purpose as a Professional and as a Leader, designing the best strategies and actions to unfold it;
  • Helping you to recognize your resources and limitations, so you can maximize strengths and as well work on gaps and challenges;
  • Being curious and Empathic with others;
  • Developing  ways of interpreting the “language” of people within your organization;
  • Finding your own “voice” and helping others find theirs.


We help put the team’s Skills, Passion, Energy and Personality at the service of the Organization’s.

  • We focus on specific challenges, opportunities or needs from the Organisation, always with a Human-Centric approach.
  • Furthermore, we transform the Organization by creating deliberate creativity, innovation, reflection, and problem-solving spaces and approaches that encourage transparency and open conversations.
  • We focus on building an unique organizational culture, externally and internally.


We contribute to a  Better Life for all Customers, Users, Beneficiaries, and stakeholders of a Leader, Manager, Team, and Organization.

  • Through the best Products, Services that you and your organization can create and deliver, to meet the needs and challenges of Customers and Society;
  • Those are the Result of the entire process of Evolution, Purpose, Alignment, Creativity and Agility of your People and Organization;
  • Profit with Purpose becomes the materialization of a win-win relationship between companies and customers.

Our Team

Cláudia Solposto Reis - Knowmad Ventures
Marketing & Communication l Partnerships

Cláudia Solposto Reis

Cláudia feels that Organizational Marketing and Communication is about, above all, improving and impacting People and Society in a positive way.

For Cláudia, Marketing is the best intersection between business, culture, and psychology, which leads her to constant exploration on these subjects.

This approach saw light when practiced at different professional settings and contexts such as Tintas Dyrup (PPG Group), the luxury brand Shiseido and companies such as NIVEA or L'Oréal, where she launched several international product lines.

Futhermore, at one of her recent endevours with The Walt Disney Company, she was responsible for developing several marketing programs and strategic partnerships both in Portugal and Spain.

Nowadays her focus aims to help companies improve their marketing strategy, support restructuring and build better business avenues.

Close, accessible and with a holistic business view, believes that Marketing is above all a way to improve and impact People and Society.

Hugo Gonçalves - Knowmad Ventures
Executive Coaching | Design Thinking | Facilitator

Hugo Gonçalves

Personal and professional paths led him to the beautiful world of People and Organizations.

His personal and professional paths led him to the beautiful world of People and Organizations.

Having completed an international certification in Coaching and several Executive Education programs in Portugal and abroad in Leadership, Continuous Improvement, Design Thinking, Innovation, Transformation and Organizational Culture, he helps
People and Organizations to transform their Potential into Performance.

Hugo combines Coaching, Emotional and Multiple Intelligence, Strategy, Design Thinking, Agile, Creative Problem Solving and Culture Enhancement Tools, among many others to deliver those results.

He considers himself an Organizational Engineer and believes in a Middle Path for the Mutual Evolution of People, Organizations and Society.

Edite Amorim - Knowmad Ventures
Facilitator | Keynote Speaker

Edite Amorim

Edite designs and implements interventions in Creativity, Expression and Positive Psychology Applied in Organizations.

Edite was born in the early eighties. She graduated in different topics, starting with psychology, which gave her roots. Being curious, she kept learning: A Master in leading groups in Barcelona for two years, a week of Community Dance in Madrid, 20 days of residency in physical theatre in Austria...

Edite designs and implements interventions in Creativity, Expression and Positive Psychology Applied in Organizations. She believes in the human and hidden order (sometimes well hidden) in chaos. She lives her days connected with her purpose and humour that she shares in her writing or in the stories she tells in her talks, seminars and workshops.

Ricardo Fernandes - Knowmad Ventures
Agile Coach | Facilitator

Ricardo Fernandes

Ricardo's greatest passion is working with and for people.

Ricardo's greatest passion is working with and for people.

The core essence of an organization is people,which makes Ricardo believe that change, transformation, improvement, creation are unique and memorable moments for everyone.

As Manager and Agile Coach, Ricardo has supported organizational transformations, teams and people, helping them challenge the status quo. It's necessary to challenge people to get out of their comfort zone, while keeping them in their tolerance zones!

As a consultant and trainer/facilitator of several companies in Portugal, Ricardo has had the opportunity to spread his knowledge and experience in Management 3.0, Sociocracy, Agile, Design Thinking, Coaching, Liberating Structures, product management and other areas.

One of Ricardo's visions is to deliver a positive impact in everything he does, even if it's small, like a butterfly in the desert that can turn
into a hurricane of positive change where the butterfly is no longer involved.

Facts and Accomplishments



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Corporate Coaching & Mentoring programs
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of Leadership and Human Capital, Organizational Innovation,
Culture and Teams



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professional career. We want to collaborate with even
more People and Organizations.