ORGANIZATIONAL ENGINEERING ® is our way of working; it is our framework of approach for our projects and interventions.

It shapes our vision on how the Leadership, Development, and Innovation of an Organization are invariably the result of an evolutionary and simultaneous interaction of People, Ideas, Processes, and Culture. This is our Organizational Engineering ®.
Organizational Engineering - Knowmad Ventures


It develops a set of dimensions, active principles and ecosystems of your people and organization that exist by themselves and whose elements remain united by themselves due to mutual interactions.

Through Organizational Engineering ®, we look at people and organizations with this integrative view, focusing on three pillars that work like constellations or solar systems: Leader Evolution, Business Transformation, Culture and Workflows

Organizational Engineering - EO Galaxy - Knowmad Ventures


We have a core belief.

Each Professional/Organization is the best specialist of himself/itself.

We have a differentiating approach.

The development of people and the design and execution of new solutions, ideas, and processes must be integrated and simultaneous.

We have a starting point.

Using the Organizational Engineering Roadmap and Galaxy as a compass to share knowledge and best practices within the organization, maximize responses and solutions and identify challenges and opportunities.

We have methods and tools.

Organizational Engineering, Collaborative Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring, Design Thinking, Agile Methodologies – delivered in Workshops and Facilitation/Project Implementation and Initiatives

We work with you and your people in on-site (presential), online or hybrid formats.

We Create and Deliver Solutions and Impacts


But how do they materialize in you, in your organization – performance and results-wise?

In our Pyramid of Impacts, you can evaluate/check and connect to your needs and wants, contexts and dimensions, from the most operational to the most strategic, that are developed and enhanced by our interventions.


For you as a Professional and for your Organization as an ecosystem.